In 2015, a modern vision was carved into the landscape of our northern heritage. TIMBR Design merged thoughtful design elements with the warmth and character of the outdoors. Continuing today, our products hold an aesthetic that flows with today’s home interiors. TIMBR has quickly taken root creating unique goods customers enjoy.

about ken zakovich

Growing up in Ely, Minnesota, Ken’s appreciation for the outdoors was strong. Surrounded by pine forests as far his eye could see, the woods and lakes became a second home making a profound impact on his creativity and inspiration since childhood.

Ken’s family evoked many of his creative abilities. Playing inside and out of his father's wood shop, hours were spent watching his father and grandfather explore the artistry of wood. Wholeheartedly, they invited him into their world - showing Ken how to measure, cut, sand, shave, turn, glue, and finish wood into anything he could dream of. His memories were simple — learning sharp knives were safer than dull ones, becoming acute to particular species of wood by the scent of sawdust in the air, and the importance of attention to detail. Most of all, he learned the life lesson of giving everything you've got into the things you love.

Welcome to TIMBR.

Ken Zakovich
Owner & Designer, TIMBR