how are your products made?

All TIMBR products are designed and crafted in our wood shop in Duluth, Minnesota. We begin the design process with sketches, build prototypes and put the products to the test ourselves. Wood is purchased from a local lumber mill.

how do i care for my serving tray?

Our walnut serving trays are finished with natural oils and waxes which not only make our trays food safe, but provide a beautiful finish to the wood. Maintain the beauty like you would a wood cutting board. Using a cotton towel, lightly rub with a food safe wax you can find at any home center to keep your serving tray performing well and looking beautiful for years to come.

when will my order arrive?

Products ship within 24-48 hrs unless otherwise noted in the product description. From there, it usually reaches its destination in 2-3 days. Minnesota residents typically receive their order in 1 day.

where are your products available?

TIMBR products can be found from the north shore to the Twin Cities. Please visit or Locations page to see if there is a store near you.